Exercises & Activities You Can Do

There are different levels of activities and therapies to suit different conditions. EWA can help advise on the best type of activity for you.

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Activities of a more active nature!

The Otago Exercise programme is designed specifically to prevent falls injuries and improve cognition amongst older people . It is individually prescribed and delivered at home and in classes by trained instructors.

We run classes in Tai Chi, improving balance and flexibility

There are various activity programmes to encourage mobility and cognitive skills.


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Activities of a less active nature!

We also offer Chair Exercises and activities which require less mobility

Examples of these would be

Walking group
Chair exercises
Memory stimulation and brain training.
Cognitive Sensory Therapy work.

Quiz groups.
Board and floor games.
Discussion groups.
Reminiscence and life history work.


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The most important thing..

The most important thing about any activity you do is making sure you’re enjoying it.

All the activities that we run are they are lots of fun, with cups of tea and plenty chat.