Therapies We Offer

These are some of the sensory therapies that we can provide

Sensory Therapy


Music is an essential therapy for people with dementia whether they are being pacified by gentle background music, stimulated by beating drums or remembering good times. Even when communication skills are diminished they will still remember words from songs past and retain skills to play favourite pieces of music.

Creative art masks


Art form can be a powerful means of expressing your feelings without words. It can help communicate painful experiences and trauma, happiness and delight, it is a powerful means of expression.


Meridian Tapping

Using a light tapping touch and soft balls to stimulate the meridians and improve circulation.

Massage to mobilise the hand

Therapeutic Massage

EWA offer hand, lower arm, shoulder and neck massage. Shoulder and neck are done through the clothes. These are gentle soothing massages often combined with relaxing background music of your choice.

Cognitive Work

Through various games, exercises and brain gym work we encourage, hand and eye co-ordination, creating new pathways.

Books and Photographs

These can encourage interest in life passed when short term memory is lost. By using this activity we can lift the service user’s mood and engage them in other life skills.
By focusing on what the person can still do we can provide stimulation and occupy them in a worthwhile activity.

Life history work gathering information on their past, what they did for a living, games they played, books they read all put together for future generations to have.